Chapter Four (3)
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"Tia, do you want any more snacks?" Manuel, one of Carlotta's young cousins, hovered near Evie's elbow, as he had for most of the party after Nic's christening.

She opted to not explain that she was his cousin, not his aunt. "Oh, no thank you. I would like some more juice, please."

"No cookies?"

Evie smiled. "Well, I suppose if you got me two cookies, then I could share them with you. How does that sound?"

The boy nodded and hurried toward the buffet table. Evie's smile faded as she watched him go. The only male members of Carlotta's family at the christening or now at their house were under the age of 10. The other men in attendance had married into the family, and did not bear the Ortega name. The Order has taken them all...

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