Chapter Four (1)
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Evie was exhausted. She and Carlotta lay together on the narrow hospital bed, cradling the tiny bundle between them.

"We're going to have to stop calling him the niño now," Evie murmured. "But Nicolás Jiménez Ortega-Santos is a mouthful."

"He'll still be the niño to us," Carlotta said, kissing the baby's forehead. "I think he'll be Nic for other people, at least until he grows into his name."

A knock at the door interrupted the family bonding. An older nurse poked her head in. "The uncle and grandfather are here to see the baby."

Carlotta stiffened. "Grandfather?"

"Yeah, long story I didn't get to tell you while I was in labor. Your dad showed up." Evie touched Carlotta...

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