Chapter Three (1)
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Evie looked over at Jimmy after they got into her SUV. "So?"

He blinked as he looked at her. "What?"

"So now that you've remembered the other night--"

"I still don't remember, Evie. Like I told you before, we got into the SUV, we drove, you made a wrong turn, and then we straightened it out and had Chinese food. That's all I remember. Nothing about ... any of that other stuff you're convinced you saw. Maybe we should have had Molly hypnotize you to see if you've had someone implant false memories in your head."

Evie frowned. It was the most Jimmy had said to her since that night. His brows were knitted together, his lip frozen in a half sneer, and his posture suggested he didn't want to discuss it further.

"Yeah, I...

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