Chapter Two (5)
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"Okay." Jimmy's voice was higher pitched now, like a little boy.

Molly looked at Evie and mouthed, "What month?"

Evie shrugged, then mouthed, "Summer?"

Molly said, "Okay, it's the summer of 1989. Where are you?"

"On the Navajo rez, with Gramma Georgie and Carlotta."

"What are you doing?"

"We're looking at the cars with the circle and cross painted on the top. Gramma Georgie says 'leave them be.' But I sneak into the back seat of Uncle Tony's car."

"What happens after that?"

"I fall asleep for a while. It's dark now, and we're driving. Then Uncle Tony stops the car and gets out. There's a strange light, like a fire in the sky." Jimmy gasped. "Mr. Abu...

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