Chapter Two (4)
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"Hypnotized? Does that even work?"

"It's supposed to, yeah. My roommate Molly just finished taking a class on hypnosis. And therapists can use it for regression, or to find like deep seated bad stuff in people's memories. You know, like in Donnie Darko?"

"You realize that's a movie, right? I suspect there may be some dramatic license at play."

"Yes, I know," Taylor said, rolling her eyes. "But don't you figure it's worth a shot?"

"Um, okay, sure. We can try, if he's willing. He doesn't think there's anything wrong with his memory."

"Might as well ask him. He might be freaking out about it silently."

Evie chuckled. "Yeah, that's how he'd cope with it. I'll ask. Meanwhi...

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