Chapter One (3)
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"Call me Mr. Abuelo, if you like."

Evie's eyes narrowed. "Mister Grandfather?"

"Names ... names are sacred to us. Mr. Abuelo will do."

"Fine, if you insist." She eyed Mr. Curado, or at least his general shape. "What is this business you have with Jimmy and my son?"

"The business is, shall we say, an old family matter. Both are important to us."

She shook her head. "Not good enough. Not even close."

Mr. Abuelo sighed. "They are both needed. To be frank, Miss ... Doctor Santos, it is cold tonight, and we do not have time for this."

Evie crossed her arms. "Mister, you're keeping a pregnant woman from her dinner. I don't have time for this either."

"Enough," Mr....

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