Chapter One (2)
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"Alright, fine." Jimmy sighed. "When we were little--I was about eight, so Carlotta was two or three--there was one summer when Mom got a job in town, cleaning houses for rich folks, but had nowhere to stick us while she worked. So she shipped us off to Grandma Georgie on the rez. That's where I saw the cross in the circle before."

"Which rez?"

"Navajo. We're one-eighth on our dad's side."

Evie frowned. "That's farther north than most recorded instances. Were there a lot around?"

"I don't remember any before that year, and then they were everywhere. And then gone again."

"Did anyone ever tell you what it meant?"

"No. Grandma Georgie knew something, but she never talked about it." He shrugg...

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