The Arrows On The Clock Are Pointing At Me
By Daniel J. Flore III
6/18/16 the stars look like the sun exploded
6/19/16 Time Flower
6/21/16 staring long into the black and cold
6/22/16 Fine tuned/Whoa/elegant/heat on my skin/unbearable
6/23/16 whereabouts unknown
6/23/16 single mom at the supermarket
6/25/16 My grandfather circa 1930
6/26/16 beneath slumber, breathing
6/28/16 Mount Pocono
6/29/16 tonight
6/30/16 on this black felt night
6/30/16 from summer windshield glare
7/1/16 Candle
7/1/16 underneath green
7/2/16 Fire & brimstone, the churchbells inbetween
7/2/16 Opening a pack of 1987 TOPPS baseball cards in 2015
7/2/16 Memorial Day for Chris
7/2/16 to a poem never written
7/3/16 the search
7/4/16 along the high cornstalks
7/4/16 While the Phillies game is tied 3-3
7/4/16 The blessing of our new home
7/5/16 Hospital Issued Writing Notebook
7/5/16 I don't know what it means to you now...
7/5/16 easily up into phosphorescence
7/6/16 Abraham Lincoln heads in a Gravitron
7/7/16 What I feel
7/8/16 crazy on a country highway
7/8/16 no morning coming
7/9/16 a boring post midnight with you in the garden of where I'd really be
7/9/16 across the unquenchable couch
7/9/16 The stillness
7/10/16 Sundays
7/10/16 you walk like a hazy dream
7/13/16 burning
7/13/16 night dreaming of you standing on the overpass
7/13/16 Going home
7/14/16 It's called "The Pizza Pub" but Jame and I call it Pizza Pubes
7/14/16 Bobby
7/14/16 Ghost Man
7/15/16 prey
7/15/16 red hair, red sun
7/16/16 accordian night
7/16/16 Me at age 5
7/16/16 I saw about noon
7/16/16 Smoke break at the nuthouse (explicit content)
7/18/16 My mom said she tied it as tight as she could around my wrist
7/18/16 out there
7/19/16 I had this poem about your mint green '92 Accord
7/19/16 Note left on the kitchen table (explicit content)
7/19/16 one last song
7/20/16 I hated Tamaqua (explicit content)
7/21/16 The ways we bleed
7/21/16 She found three little rivers
7/21/16 night dream suite
7/22/16 Some nights go on forever
7/22/16 Driver's Side Airhead
7/22/16 The champagne and the bubbles
7/24/16 Glory
7/24/16 The Escape Artist
7/24/16 Rural America
7/24/16 Upper Middle Class Suburban Brunettes and me
7/25/16 Lou Mckee's unfinished novel
7/25/16 My wife and my green fruit of the loom tee-shirt
7/25/16 Blonde
7/26/16 At Rosco's Memorial
7/26/16 Mauve wall in the middle of the studio
7/26/16 Grammy calls me her "bambino"
7/27/16 The Window Seat at McDonald's
7/27/16 Unlucky Town
7/27/16 The thing about life
7/28/16 faint trumpet
7/28/16 you weren't the enemy for a second
7/28/16 I finally made it to the high seas, Charlie
7/29/16 Dead Friend
7/29/16 winter storm between my ears
7/29/16 Hysterical
7/30/16 Express Letter From Red Mountain
7/30/16 An infant on the water
7/30/16 Another time at 5 am
7/31/16 Raise Me River
7/31/16 Saturday, 11:33 pm-The drink specials make you think of better times
7/31/16 patterned thinking
8/1/16 Easy dream beyond the thought puddles
8/2/16 Now, you are crowned a man (explicit content)
8/2/16 where the petals unfold
8/2/16 Responsible
8/3/16 Reviews/Backcover-the arrows on the clock are pointing at me
8/3/16 Muckfall (explicit content)
8/3/16 sexperience
8/3/16 Automatic From My People
8/3/16 Hotel by the train tracks (language)
8/4/16 Big Day Out
8/5/16 You dusty old drunk in a tie dye
8/5/16 What peeks out of the summer night (language)
8/5/16 Old Kitchen Table
8/6/16 Freakin Crazy
8/6/16 sinus infection symphony 101.9 in d minor
8/6/16 guacamole baby
8/7/16 Black Raiders Starter Jackets
8/7/16 He still loves his momma, She still loves her daddy
8/7/16 You are a black heart beating in the hallways of everywhere
8/8/16 Dead Man's Float
8/8/16 Moment on the boardwalk
8/8/16 It's the morning Kiki
8/9/16 Until I Gasp
8/10/16 Prayer of a Distant Ship
8/10/16 Early Morning Recollections As You Yawn
8/11/16 If I Could See The Sky I Bet It Would Be Purple
8/11/16 Notions as you stare up at the beams across the ceiling
8/11/16 End Of Quiet
8/11/16 Sunday Twilight
8/12/16 A deep moan from icy cliffs
8/13/16 I don't feel like staring at the blu ray players (language)
8/13/16 The Sun Orgasms Fire
8/14/16 Will you please just listen to me?
8/14/16 My Mother Bites Into Her Apple
8/14/16 Waiting
8/14/16 My friend Charlene would bitchslap contemporary poetry
8/15/16 Hair Gel Christians
8/15/16 Other little poem and this one
8/15/16 That time I made Papa John my Sugar Daddy (language)
8/16/16 The Declaration of War
8/17/16 I stand out on the porch
8/17/16 After speaking briefly with a stranger
8/18/16 I know this town, I knew this town
8/18/16 Coconut Milk
8/19/16 If you follow the trail
8/20/16 sickbed
8/20/16 summer is for single women
8/20/16 Vacation
8/21/16 She came pointing at the north star
8/21/16 Kid Michael
8/22/16 driving along route 309 (and across the sky)
8/23/16 Breakfast with Grammy and Grampy
8/23/16 Confetti
8/23/16 Drive @ 4AM
8/24/16 Blues: Early Monday Morning
8/25/16 going, going, gone
8/25/16 Final Rinse
8/25/16 Miracle
8/26/16 to a woman of baptisms
8/26/16 through these roads of my hometown
8/26/16 pit stop
8/27/16 stupid facebook again
8/27/16 I wish...
8/27/16 her sex is my only friend tonight
8/27/16 I heard it late last night
8/28/16 orbit
8/28/16 Post Script
8/29/16 Mixed Signals
8/29/16 It's about that hour
8/29/16 past 2 am
8/30/16 dreamcatcher bumper sticker
8/31/16 You're becoming like one of those ladies at your mother's parties
8/31/16 If Doug Zeeg were here
8/31/16 Tuning In
8/31/16 The Issue
8/31/16 The little boy wakes
9/1/16 exquisite breaths
9/2/16 Lying in the snow
9/2/16 Bar Guitar Man
9/2/16 Hymn in the Sun
9/3/16 Sitting Indian Style Against The Dust Sheet Of Etched Out Night
9/4/16 laugh with me like this night was made for us
9/4/16 An aged Mr. Blurst corrects the grammar on his New Year's resolution list
9/4/16 Paint
9/5/16 at night with Megan
9/5/16 The Moon is Closing
9/5/16 Schmuck Road
9/6/16 yellow dash marks in my eyes
9/6/16 Come Home
9/7/16 Sick Bastard
9/7/16 If I look at you long enough
9/8/16 Psychoskull
9/8/16 for a friend barely known
9/9/16 Letters to a Life Remembered (the last time you saw me)
9/10/16 as I crawl across sidewalks
9/11/16 These well lit nights...
9/11/16 Coming Back To You Mother Pearl
9/11/16 altitude
9/12/16 desert woman
9/12/16 By The Trees
9/13/16 Gwen Can't Get to Sleep Tonight
9/14/16 Thoughts of Easter in September
9/14/16 the scribbled out morning
9/15/16 Portrait
9/15/16 A shadow, remembering
9/16/16 Will you please just listen to me?
9/17/16 When I looked at my wife
9/18/16 There is a death in my voice
9/18/16 stained glass pictures
9/18/16 late last night
9/19/16 finally
9/20/16 sing a little for me
9/20/16 another try
9/21/16 somewhere in the desert
9/22/16 I am ready Commander
9/22/16 still speaking
9/23/16 Take me to the trees that never die
9/24/16 God's strumming
9/25/16 Helpful hints for hiding your neurosis (language)
9/25/16 midnight along the riverside
9/26/16 pale disfigured reflections of her
9/27/16 Dangling like a participle I refuse to describe
9/27/16 going, going, gone
9/28/16 I touch your rosary with muddy hands
9/28/16 A yellow strand of grass
9/29/16 A moan under fuzzy orange light/memory of you
9/30/16 summers ghost
10/1/16 What hierachy of light could penetrate your room?
10/2/16 Last day at the hotel- notation
10/3/16 Damn Book
10/4/16 Guided Imagery Tour and Rigor Mortis Martinis
10/5/16 alarm
10/6/16 under the light above the wine bottles
10/7/16 Waiting...
10/8/16 Forever January
10/12/16 I know this horizon is erupting
10/15/16 Every convenience store sidewalk has a catwalk
10/15/16 The woman from the televangelist's sermon
10/17/16 Dear Someone
10/20/16 Chatham Village
10/29/16 Texted Poems
11/1/16 Stare My Eyes In
11/10/16 "Hey, Mrs. Stuhler how are you doin' today?"
11/14/16 Moon Day Sun
11/14/16 blue jeans, white and black plastic strips
11/21/16 Joe Strut
11/22/16 "Antiques Roadshow" comes to Bustard Road
11/25/16 Before you hear the battlecry
11/29/16 Cream Curtains Antique Wood
12/2/16 The night we decided to get a divorce
12/2/16 White and Black Marble Winding Staircase
12/2/16 Do you wanna cut the deck?
12/7/16 Parking Lot Paint
12/7/16 Tom-tom poem
1/5/17 Kiddie Park
1/5/17 Center City
1/23/17 The Kindred Spirits On Your Price Plus Card
1/23/17 The Third Church Pew From The Front
1/29/17 Updating my information
2/11/17 Grampy was here
2/15/17 Robert Frost Chinos
2/21/17 Date Night At Sands Casino
2/24/17 He stuck his flag in the Exxon ground
3/4/17 Listen Monica Ingless
3/6/17 Dead rabbit in the birdbath
3/6/17 I wish you would just back off a little
3/6/17 Puked you up
3/26/17 Thumb Love
3/26/17 Smoking Cigarettes In The U.S.
3/26/17 The diner parking lot was wet and felt like a conclusion I was fighting
3/26/17 Me and my zine
3/26/17 15 years ago and yawning
3/26/17 Chronic Disease
4/5/17 Virginia and I and the 4th of July