The Arrows On The Clock Are Pointing At Me
By Daniel J. Flore III

Daniel J. Flore III      12/24/16 4:08 PM


Kerriann      12/02/16 10:16 AM

"I'm as sad as the first morning I opened my eyes" powerful stuff. Really enjoying these poems.
Daniel J. Flore III      12/02/16 12:20 PM
Thank you so much Kerriann! I'm glad!

Kay Gardner      11/28/16 9:10 PM

woot! thanks! :D

Kay Gardner      11/22/16 9:40 AM

"a definition of poetry" - perfect! i'd love to repost it on my fb pages.. may i?
Daniel J. Flore III      11/22/16 11:02 AM
Thanks! Sure! Of course!

John A. Gandiello      11/22/16 12:56 AM

I had seen you wish-listed my series and commented on a friend of mine's work so on a hunch I subscribed to you and got a few deep into this series. Needless to say after a few pieces read I knew I had to do (and wanted to do!) some reading work to catch up on the series to get current! Like I said I'm only a small handful in so far but I will definitely continue; after all, all I needed to do was get as far in as to read the line: "Create a safe distance and you become distance itself". Brilliant stuff.
Daniel J. Flore III      11/22/16 11:10 AM
Thanks John! I really appreciate it and I'm glad you're delving into the series! It means a lot to have people interested and commenting on my work. I've been catching up on the subscriptions I have on here too.I'd like to read your work sometime as well. Best Wishes!

Kay Gardner      11/21/16 9:34 AM

"these words are dead" - have just gotten started with the series, but wanted to take a time out and comment on this one in particular. it resonates..
Daniel J. Flore III      11/21/16 5:41 PM
Thank you very much Kay! :)

Daniel J. Flore III      10/06/16 4:08 PM

Hi everyone. I'm sorry some of the poems in the series have been a day or so late. I've been very sick for the past few weeks but am doing the best I can to get them out daily. Please bare with me. Thank you so much for subscribing.

Angel Davis      9/16/16 1:39 PM

Daniel, I am truly honored by your comments on my work. Particularly since I am currently dancing around your poetry. What amazing tangible imagery your collection has, with sincere supporting emotion. I truly enjoyed, Single Mom At The Supermarket and Tulip.
Daniel J. Flore III      9/22/16 3:36 PM
Thank you so much Angel for your very kind words about my work! :)

Danny Kent      9/04/16 10:53 AM

Hey Daniel, really enjoying the series. I'm consistently impressed by your ability to present both humour, readability and tender lyrical simplicity. 'A definition of Poetry' and 'an aged Mr Blurst...' are amongst my favourites!
Daniel J. Flore III      9/04/16 11:19 AM
Thank you so much Danny! I'm so glad you're enjoying the series! I think highly of your work too.

Daniel J. Flore III      8/31/16 2:51 PM

New poetry posted everyday! Thank you to all subscribers!

Daniel J. Flore III      8/23/16 1:08 PM

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all the subscribers to The arrows on the clock are pointing at me! I hope you have been enjoying it!

Bill McStowe      8/21/16 6:28 PM

Hi Daniel, I've read quite a few of the poems. I'm enjoying the series.
Daniel J. Flore III      8/21/16 6:47 PM
Thank you Bill.

Sandra Robinson      6/23/16 2:53 PM

Your poem Tulip - I live in PA also.
Daniel Flore III      6/23/16 4:54 PM
:) We should do a joint poetry reading sometime!