Kiss of Death (5)
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He looked down at his wrists and watched as the ropes binding them moldered and rotted away to nothing. Violet energy coursed around him as he stood up. The aura expanded into a bonfire of necrotic power, lashing out and tearing through the scattered armies of the church. Their flesh withered and their eyes blossomed into flame before they crumbled to ash.

In the midst of all this, Armand found Lord Commander Marcellus. The Templar was trying to rally his scattered knights and drafted peasants. Armand was surprised to realize he was looking down at the knight from a great height, buoyed up by a pillar of dark flame.

The leader of the Templars looked up at Armand with fury in his eyes.

"What sort of monster are you?"

"Monster?" Armand asked. His voice sounded distant and tin...

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