Kiss of Death (1)
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Armand swallowed hard, hoping his face did not betray his fear. He glanced over at the withered face of Lucinda, the Lich Queen, trying to gauge her emotions from her body language. But her face remained expressionless, her posture still and serene.

"I am sorry, I was lost in thought. Could you repeat that?"

Lucinda chuckled, a dry and dusty sound. "I had asked if you would like to relocate your residence to my tower."

"Ah. Yes." Armand cleared his throat and stared out the window at the moonlit landscape beyond. He could dimly make out the silhouette of his village across the valley. Sweat streamed down his spine in the summer heat, leaving the folds of his flesh feeling sticky. He tugged at the front of his tunic, hoping to fan himself with it. His face felt flushed,...

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