The Distinction of East and West (3)
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"I--I found a body in the woods," she blurted out. That same sensation she felt before tried to stop her, but she pushed past it. She continued before he could say anything else. "A note ... someone must have put a note in my hand when I wasn't paying attention. It had a map and instructions to follow them. I did, and it led me to a dead body."

"Where is this note?" he asked.

She looked at the table where she thought she'd left it, but it wasn't there. She scanned the room to see if she might have left it somewhere else. Even the note she had tried to throw into the fire was missing.

"I--I don't know where I put it. But my--" She wanted to drop to her knees and weep, but fought off the sensation. "My driver. My driver can take...

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