A Necessity of the Present (6)
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They had spent perhaps ten minutes questioning the young woman about the details of her theft of the fellblade, the murder of Prince Aleatoire, and the role of her uncle when a knock came at the door. Tenuk and Sir Donaliel exchanged wary, questioning glances. Sir Donaliel hoped his look conveyed a question along the lines of, "Are you expecting someone?" and he suspected Tenuk's look asked the same.

As the knight drew his sword and turned to face the door, Lady Elizabeth whispered hysterically, "What's going on?" The fae glanced at Tenuk and saw that he similarly had drawn his long dagger and faced the door.

"Come in," Sir Donaliel offered.

An old woman shuffled in through the door, grey-haired and dressed in filthy rags. Sir Donaliel recognized her as one of th...

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