A Necessity of the Present (4)
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The two of them walked toward the chair, circling it at a distance until they could see the occupant. The closer the fae came to the chair, the more the irritation grew, feeling like a hot iron tickling at the back of his eyes. The Sliding Baroness was slender and wore a loose robe that still clung close enough to her to highlight her slight feminine curves. One might have thought her figure shapely if not for the occasional writhing movement under the robe, as though rats crawled along her skin. A white porcelain mask covered her face, painted to suggest an elegant and mature woman. No details were visible beyond the token holes for eyes, nostrils, and mouth. Framing the mask, her hair was rich and lustrous, a curly cascade of blonde, purple and blue that rolled down her shoulders. Between her hairline and mask, a...

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