A Necessity of the Present (3)
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The inside of the shop was dimly lit and cluttered. Shelves filled with jars and vials crowded close together, narrow aisles left between them. A display case at the front of the store held an arrangement of unusual looking meats. Tenuk knew from experience that magic kept the contents preserved. Across the ceiling, thick ropes of webbing stretched through the rafters. In one corner of the web, a giant spider clung to the ceiling. Its body was six feet long and its legs spread out a good ten feet around it. Bristly white hairs stuck out across its black chitinous body.

A noise issued from the spider, barely audible sounds that caused the already dim light in the shop to momentarily dim even further. A moment later, a fluid wave poured up over one of the counters, a writhing mass of spiderlings clambering over one...

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