A Necessity of the Present (2)
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"Looks pretty cut and dry," Tenuk said with a shrug. "Well, as cut and dry as something like this can be at least. Prince Al was stabbed with a special dagger." The knight felt his eye twitch at the familiar term used for the prince. "Thaumaturges tell me it was raw Chaos tempered in the flames of Hell, called it a ..."

"Fellblade," Sir Donaliel stated flatly.

"You've heard of it?" Tenuk asked with faint surprise.

"There are not many ways to kill a nephilim like Prince Aleatoire," the fae answered. "As a protector of the Imperial family, I am familiar with all possible avenues of threat. As you were saying?"

"Shame Prince Al didn't benefit from that protection," the inspector jibed. "But I guess being th...

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