Conversations with Beethoven and Bach
By Emily Vieweg

Bill McStowe      5/08/17 7:47 PM

I'm enjoying the series. Love the line "life crawls away on a black tire" from "131."
Emily Vieweg      5/08/17 9:44 PM
Thank you so much. I am excited to share that this collection is available in print too! Just self published with createspace! Exciting stuff!

liberonova      2/22/17 6:03 AM

I like it that you mention music in your work (also if it's the title). When I compose a piece of writing I am also very amused when it has to do with a song or so. Music and writing interact: associative creativity. In my novella The Flexibilizer, which I wrote at the beginning of this century, I used original letters of my Dutch grandfather whom was imprisoned in a German POW camp in Poland in 1943-1945. He was came out of it after 2 years. My grandfather was a science professor, specialized in accoustics, who loved Bruckner. He played the (Grand) piano too. He writes about (lack of) food and music to his wife in the letters he sent to her from the POW camp. She was half German (sic!) and lived with a 2-year old and a baby in Delft (The Netherlands). I hope you will read it when you are ready for it. I would be honoured.

Kerriann      1/19/17 1:14 PM

Really enjoying your series! Per Symphony no 3 - Eroica- I agree no one uses frollic anymore, and I personally love the word!
Emily Vieweg      1/19/17 2:04 PM
Kerriann, Thank you so much! These pieces are so much fun to compose.