Consequences of Youth: A Memoir from an Old Soul
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I really wouldn’t mind giving up right now, just slowly sinking into the ground until my remains blend with the bedrock. Oh, don’t feel sorry for me, please. The truth is that I’ve burned so many bridges that I’ve run out of water to extinguish the fires. Now, I haven’t a friend in the world; even my conscience doesn’t lend comfort anymore. So, I guess I should relieve what’s left of it before time finally catches up with me. Decades of transgressions have driven me to drink and pursue acquaintances that left me in my shame. I attempted to love but didn’t understand it, and it quickly escaped my grasp every instance I’ve tried to find it. But the worst part about it all is that I’m 30 years too late to do anything about my situation. I’m n...

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Table of Contents

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