House Party
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Day old, half drunken beer cans litter tables, as they lie dormant across the floor. The stench of stale cigarettes takes over the room, choking the fresh air struggling to seep in from the half-cracked windows. The room is just illuminated enough to see groups of sleeping bodies strewn across moldy, musty couches and worn out beds. Some struggle, in vain, to shade their tired eyes from the unforgiving morning rays peaking through the blinds and lights left on in some of the empty rooms that were used by random couples and perfect strangers.

The music is only a murmur, silently blaring out meaningless lyrics to catchy beats that had everyone on their feet just a few hours ago. They now serve as lullabies to a comatose crowd of 20 and 30 somethings who came here last night without a care in the world...

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Table of Contents

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