By Celaine Charles

Celaine Charles      5/24/20 1:38 PM

Hello friends! I wanted to pop on and express my gratitude to my followers still enjoying my Poetry series, Colors. I have been busy writing fiction lately, and wanted to update everyone on what's up in my little corner of the world! First of all, it was an honor to win three awards through Channillo for my series, Colors, as my heart is all over the poems in this collection. I selected half of the poems (my favorites), wrote a few new poems, then put them together to publish a book, Colors Collected (available on Amazon). I also have three treasured poems in last year's Channillo Holiday Series. Thank you Kara Klotz for all your support and the opportunity to grow as a writer! Today I am excited to announce I have accepted a book contract to publish my Contemporary Fantasy, Seam Keepers! It won't be available for a year or so, but to know it is coming has me in an emotional and elated state! I know my fellow writers will understand. I still have a new series I have been planning just for Channillo, so will hopefully get that to you soon. I'm writing in so many different mindsets right now, it's hard to balance everything with my daily life. But, I'm not complaining - only praying to the motivation to carry out all my dreams and goals. THANK YOU readers and followers and writers and friends! I appreciate your support and will use it to continue growing as a writer. I hope all of you are doing well! I miss my time on Channillo, and am looking forward to checking back in and picking up where I left off. Cheers! CC