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Since the beginning of 2017, people across the globe have become attuned to deciphering the hidden messages, reading between the lines and engaging in politics with fervor. While for many, this is not their first experience in the political arena, having lived through several presidents and world leaders, there is a collective of individuals who have come to the table for the very first time. These individuals, for better or worse, have been called “millennials”, and it is from that perspective that I, myself, approach this world.

While my generation has been criticized for several deadly sins, it is the revolution that this year has brought to our doorsteps that breaks away from that stigmatism and brings encouraging moments to light. As has been seen in recent events, not only are the older generations marching in solidarity through the streets for their rights, but the people of my own age group are entering this arena with the hopes that although a battle may have been lost, the war may still be won. This war, is one of rights and liberties, freedoms and the promise of a better tomorrow. And it is there that my focus lies.

Throughout this series, a picture will unfold. Not only will my own thoughts and discoveries be presented, but those of people wise, older, younger and in all meanings, different than me as well. Discussions of gender and the roles they play in current culture will be presented, dialogue about ethnic diversity and the broad picture of this thing called the Resistance will be explored in tiny snapshots. Stories of the human condition will be brought to the surface as a way to discover that we are all just trying to live our lives to the best of our ability.

As we embark on this journey, I invite you to ask questions-and plenty of them. I can only provide a small window into what is going on, but if we all ask, we’ll all be able to help make the world that proverbial “better place”. There will be opinions presented that might differ from your own, and that’s okay too. Keeping an open mind is something that’s encouraged, along with critical thinking. Just so some perspective may be gained, each section will begin with a poem. This may come in the form of creative analysis of the topic, or simply an ode to coffee. The purpose of these is not to take away from the discussion at hand, but to prepare your mind to open, and bring you to a focused state. (And after all, what says millennial like coffee?)

Lastly, my thanks. Taking the time out of your day to encounter my thoughts, and the thoughts I surround myself with brings me so much to be grateful for. So grab yourself a nice fresh cup of joe and buckle up. This ride is just starting.

Happy reading.


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