Chapter 33 Kyla and Nathaniel (5)
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and she could tell as she held him that he was sobbing too. Her grown-up, very masculine little brother who had already had his Bar Mitzvah, who broke things by touching them, was sobbing about Mutti Lehrs, about their own Mutti and about the goodness and the badness of human beings.    

Someone coughed. Kyla and Nathaniel broke apart. Nathaniel turned to face the wall. 

Kyla could see that his shoulders were still going up and down. She turned to see who was there.

Herr Grünbaum was looking at them. “Have you found something of interest?”

She fumbled for her hanky again.

“I see you have. He pointed to the letter which was now lying on the floor.  “Bring it into the house and I’ll show you what else I’ve got. I’ve made...

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