Chapter 33 Kyla and Nathaniel (4)
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was rusty. She pulled at it but couldn’t get it open.

“Let me try.” Nathaniel pushed her out of the way and grabbed the clasp from her hands, twisting it violently. “Oh!” he was holding half of the fastener in his hand.

“What have you done?” Typical. He was always breaking things these days. He didn’t know his own strength.

“Look, there’s something in there.” He fished into the cupboard and pulled out a sheaf of papers. “It looks like a letter or something.”

“Let me see.”

Nathaniel handed Selda what he’d found.

“It is a letter. It’s one that Mutti Lehrs wrote.”  

Kyla’s hands trembled a little and she couldn’t bring herself to look at the writing at fir...

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