Chapter 33 Kyla and Nathaniel (1)
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22 August 1956 Rexingen: Kyla and Nathaniel  

“There’s not a lot left from that time,” said Herr Grűnbaum, the man who had shown them round. “People really want to put it behind them. There’s been some new building. Some streets have changed their names. And most of the belongings of the people who lived here have gone. Do you recognise anything?”

Kyla shook her head. “Not really. Well, maybe some things look a bit familiar. Some of the buildings, perhaps. And that big meadow just outside the village.  We played there sometimes. Mutti Lehrs used to take us there. But it was a long time ago.”

“Indeed. We tried to keep a few things as they were. But people wanted to change everything. They wanted to forget.”

Nathaniel wobbled her ar...

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