Chapter 32 A small act of kindness (1)
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29 September 1942, Theriesenstadt: the final journey  

The door to the workshop was open. It was warm for late September. A slight breeze made a few fallen leaves rustle in the doorway. It was good like that. It got rid of the smell of the glue. It still amazed Clara how nature carried on as if nothing had happened. As if there were no terrible places like this one and as if there was no war going on. The trees were still remembering to go golden and drop their leaves in the autumn.

Selda had stopped for a few minutes to feed Nathaniel. Despite everything the baby seemed to be thriving. He was putting on weight, they thought.  He’d at least regained his birth weight. In such a short amount of time, too. Selda was looking healthy also. She’d regained some energy. The baby was sleep...

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