Chapter 31 (3)
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lump of flesh that may have had a head, arms and legs but didn’t quite look like a baby slid on to the mattress.   

Susannah wiped some of the blood and fluid away and laughed. “You have a baby boy.”

“I told you,” said Selda. But then she frowned. “He’s not crying. Why isn’t he crying?”

“Shh,” said Susannah. She put her ear to the baby’s chest. “His heart’s strong.” She looked at Clara. “Clean his eyes and mouth. Wash his face in cold water and rub his tummy. I’m going to cut the cord.”

Clara busied herself with the water but looked out of the corner of her eye, amazed as she saw Susannah bite through the cord.

“Spit!” Susannah held out her hand to Selda....

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