Chapter 29 Flowers on the table followed by a journey (4)
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entire luggage on to the train directly? At least it saved them having to carry it. It was a good 500 meters, perhaps a little more, to the station.

Everyone shuffled forwards slowly. No one spoke. There were quite a few young people, she noticed, not just older folk like herself. So perhaps she wouldn’t just be stuck in an old people’s home. Or, at least if she was, perhaps Selda and Kyla would be able to visit. Would they be permitted to come and go? Then perhaps she could go and see them.

She tried to look a little more closely at the people around her. But everyone was just staring ahead. The only person who gave her any eye contact was Kyla. The little girl smiled at her and held out her hand. Clara took the hand. Selda pulled the child back towards her and Kyla let go.


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