Chapter 29 Flowers on the table followed by a journey (2)
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pleasantly cool inside. Liah and Naomi’s mother and the women who helped her with the cooking were laying out the little extras that everyone had brought along. Clara  herself had donated the peppermint tea and the biscuits that Helga and Hani had brought along last Sunday. And someone had found some honey and they’d dissolved it in warm water to make a sweet drink for the children.

“Why did you want to start earlier?” asked Esther.

“Because I think we have something to be thankful for.”

Esther raised her eyebrows. “Well we’re all glad to stop working earlier, I guess.”

Clara shrugged but looked towards her flower arrangement. Esther’s eyes followed her gaze. She nodded and smiled.

The last of the group had now come into the room....

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