Chapter 29 Flowers on the table followed by a journey (1)
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14 May 1942, Rexingen: the keys of the kingdom

Clara had begun to feel more and more like the Pied Piper. She and Kyla and been going for a walk through the village and Amos and Ben had joined them. They were just a little older than Kyla. Daniel and Eli had been helping their father repair an old cart but as the four of them had walked past Eli had cried “Where are you going Mutti Lehrs? Can we come with you?”

“Doesn’t your Vati need your help?” Clara had replied.

“It’s all right. You can go.” The boy’s father had said. “They’re actually more hindrance than help,” he’d whispered to Clara. “I can get on much better without them.”

So, then six of them had trooped on out of the village. Liah and Nao...

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