Chapter 28 Old friends, new friends, old friends (5)
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so kind of you. You really shouldn’t.  We’ve already given him a loaf of bread.”


“O, but the young people need the extra food more than I do,” said Clara.

“How are, you, really?” said Helga, helping her to unpack the bags and the basket. There was more bread, some apples, some large overstuffed Maultaschen, Spätzle, two cabbages, some sugar, a dark Pumpernickel loaf and some peppermint tea.

“Oh, I’ll do,” said Clara. “We have just about enough. They’re letting us keep everything from the farms at the moment, though soon there won’t be any eggs. We’re having to kill off the chickens one by one.”

It was foolish, she’d thought, killing off the chickens. Much better, really, to carry on enjoyi...

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