Chapter 28 Old friends, new friends, old friends (4)
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better, too. Would that be a good idea?”


The little girl nodded. Her dark brown eyes looked deep into Clara’s and then she smiled.

“Frau Lehrs, you are a miracle worker. How do you do it?” Esther shook her head and smiled.

“I’m used to children,” said Clara. 

“Thank you so much!”  

A few moments later they were both in Clara’s room.

“Just sit there like a good girl while I go and get some water for your knee,” said Clara. “I really won’t be long at all.”

Kyla nodded.

The water in the tap was cold, of course but it would have to do.  She still had a scrap of soap left. That at least might clean the wound. She found a piece of grey towel that...

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