Chapter 28 Old friends, new friends, old friends (2)
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our horse. He’s strong but a little thin. I don’t think you will be too heavy, Frau Lehrs. Nor your luggage.”


It was beginning to get dark as Shmuel helped Clara on to the sleigh and stacked her luggage safely. They made slow progress up the winding lane. The horse was not in a very good condition. She could have walked beside the boy but she thought she might offend him if she suggested it.

They moved in silence. Shmuel didn’t seem inclined to make conversation. Besides, the sleigh creaked quite noisily and the runners screeched as they slid across the snow.

Soon, though, they arrived in what Clara presumed must be the middle of the village. There was light coming out of several windows.

“Come,” said Shmuel. “We all meet in t...

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