Chapter 27 War, visitors and a nasty letter (3)
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has the desired Hausfrau skills. Pity she’s working in a house where a Jew has lived – still lives in fact – and a pity her hair is so dark. But I expect nevertheless she’s a good Aryan specimen or she wouldn’t be allowed to do this job.” He laughed. “Is the Jew at home?” he said more soberly. “We have some paperwork for her.”


“I -I- I’m a-a- fraid she’s out,” stammered Hani. “She keeps out of our way most of the time.”

“Well, will you give her this?” said the officer. There was a pause. “You won’t mind, will you,” said the officer, “if we take a look around? We just want to make sure that she is not hiding any of her friends here.”

At that moment E...

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