Chapter 27 War, visitors and a nasty letter (1)
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27 September 1939,  Stuttgart: war   

Clara found it hard to believe that they had been at war now for almost a month. She was at war with her children. They were all in England and England had declared war on Germany. It didn’t really seem like war though. Everything was carrying on as normal. The sun was shining, too. And everybody said it would all be over by Christmas.

Of course, though, they all had their ration cards. She looked at Christoph’s. He had left it on the kitchen table. He got a little extra - just 62.5 grams of cheese in two weeks, 125 grams of butter and three eggs. There wouldn’t be any more cheesecake any time soon, then. But he had told her something about being able to get some supplies from his uncle’s farm.

Oh, she wished they wo...

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