Chapter 26 Becoming Isabella Kühn (5)
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about this door?” asked the officer, rattling the handle of the classroom.

“Oh, Frau Lehrs couldn’t find the key,” said Emil. “She’s not used this room for years. She thinks it’s full of old junk. We’re going to get a locksmith to come and open it. You do appreciate; we couldn’t really start doing anything until today.”

“Very well,” said Obersturmführer Poll. “All seems to be in order. You do realise this can only be a temporary arrangement for the Jewess. I’ll leave you in peace. Thank you for your time. I can see myself out.” He clicked his heels. “Heil Hitler!”

“Heil Hitler,” mumbled Emil.

The officer ran up the stairs and out of the front door, slamming it behind him.

Clara followe...

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