Chapter 26 Becoming Isabella Kühn (3)
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cricket team! My class mates can’t believe how well I understand that very English game. Thank goodness for cousin Gottfried. I’m so glad he spent all those weeks last summer teaching me what he’d learnt in England. And of course, I can run.

The girls in my class are getting very friendly now, and I’m regularly invited to tea by one or other of them. The other day Mutti made a wonderful Apfelstrudel. My friend and her family really enjoyed it.

Mutti is quite happy now because we have found a little delicatessen not far from the flat. It was the Polish people who live in the ground floor flat who told us about it. Of course, it is Polish, not German, but all the same we can get some things we miss: salami, black bread (yes, we actually miss that. Who’d have thought it...

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