Chapter 25 Hans (3)
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is superb. The only thing that gave you all away was your nervousness. And in the end this way we can get more help without having to tell any more people about what we’re doing.”

He shouted through the open window. “Hans, Helga, children, come on in now.  Hans, yes, we’ll be hiring you.”

They all trooped indoors. Gilbert, one of the little boys, was staring at Hani. “You look just like Hani,” he said. He pulled at her cap and Hani’s hair came tumbling down. “But I like you even better as Hans, actually.”

“I think it will do. It will do very well indeed,” said Karl. “Just as long as we’re all careful.

Clara giggled and Hani grinned. Christoph and Helga exchanged a smile.   




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