Chapter 23 a Mischling and a friend (3)
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said Clara. “And yes, of course, Christoph will take you home in the car.”

“It’s all right. I’ll walk,” said Hani. She blushed.

“No. No question of it. And I’m sorry I’ve not been in touch,” said Clara. “But you can probably see why. We’ve been busy.”

“How’s Renate?” said Hani. “Is she better from the chicken pox?”

“Ah,” said Clara. That damned stupid lie again. 

“It’s only me,” called another voice.

 Oh dear. Hani’s mother. This was going to be awkward.

“Shall I come down?”

Hani’s eyes and mouth were wide open for a few seconds. Then she put her hand over mouth. Of course. Clara knew Gőddes had forbidden her to come an...

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