Chapter 23 a Mischling and a friend (1)
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22 December 1938, Stuttgart: Christmas?  

It was getting dark. Where were they? They should have been here hours ago. She hoped nothing had happened to the train. But if they didn’t get here soon they might not get here at all: it was snowing heavily now. Of course, Renate loved the snow and she would be staying with her friend Hani for a few days. No doubt the two young girls would really enjoy some cross-country skiing and some rambles in the snowy woods. It would take their minds off all this nonsense for a few days.

If they ever got here.

She could just make out a figure struggling through the snow. The telegram boy! Of course, he wouldn’t attempt to ride his bike in this weather. It must be taking him a lot longer than normal to deliver his messages.

And ye...

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