Chapter 22 There are good people but the synagogues burn and Käthe faces the Führer (1)
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22 September 1938, Stuttgart: good people

The Gőddes’ house always took her breath away. It was three storeys high, with dormer windows in the roof indicating that there were rooms in the attic as well. The house was half as wide again as her own and the gardens were clearly much bigger. She couldn’t help but admire the front garden though where there were some shrubs still in flower and others whose leaves were turning red and golden. A German flag waved over the front door. Yes, they were a good German family, then.

Goodness, if 20 Schellberg Street were this big she would have been able to accommodate twice as many children as she used to have. Not that there were boarders at the moment. Still, she mustn’t complain. The Hilfsklasse had been operating for just over six months from...

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