Chapter 20: Heil Edler, the Jews and the Nazis (1)
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16 July 1936, Stuttgart: schools

“So, did you enjoy the play?” Clara said to Renate as they made their way out to the school yard. 

“It was lovely,” said Renate. “I wish we did shows like that at our school.”

“Don’t you have end of term concerts, though?”

“Well, yes we do. But we’re all girls and the school is much smaller. So they can’t be as much fun.”

“I suppose you might have a point.”

Clara exchanged a glance with Käthe who rolled her eyes and shrugged. “Well, anyway, it’s no good you going on about wanting to come to Oma’s school because it is going to close soon. And you’ll be going to a new school soon anyway.”

“Will she get into the Gymnasium?&rdq...

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