Chapter 19: bad apstryem, good students and bad blood (3)
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took his mother’s hand and kissed it. “You’ll come and visit me, won’t you? And you promise you’ll leave if the craziness gets worse?”

“I promise,” said Clara. She didn’t mention it to Ernst – he would only argue, she knew – but she was sure this silliness was going to end soon. Hopefully they would get rid of that horrible little man as well. People were bound to come to their senses sooner or later weren’t they? Gosh, they’d had a lot to put up with but things must eventually get better mustn’t they?

Ernst stood up and hugged his mother. “Good. Now there’s something else I need to tell you.”      

The doorbell rang. Ernst went to open it. “Too late. I hope this won’t be too m...

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