Chapter 19: bad apstryem, good students and bad blood (1)
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10 May 1934 Stuttgart: pastry going wrong  

“I still don’t understand,” said Clara. “How can they think of you as anything but a loyal German. You were a soldier in the Great War weren’t you? You even lost your memory and you were in the trenches. What more can they want?”

“Mutti, there were a lot of us like that. But now they’re saying there are too many people. And they don’t want the children’s education diluted by our weak beliefs.”  

“Nonsense! It’s such nonsense.” Clara banged the rolling-pin down on the table. “Now look. I’m going to have to start again.” The pastry she had been rolling had big holes in it.  She gathered up the dough, rolled it into a ball and then started kneading...

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