Chapter 18 A good neighbour and a quatinabale leader (1)
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30 January 1933, Stuttgart: cautious neighbours

Breakfast was all cleared away. The bedrooms had been cleaned. All the preparations that could be made in advance for lunch had been completed. Clara had even swept the snow off the path. She put some stale bread out for the birds.

What else could she do? She couldn’t think. Or maybe should go through the linen baskets, like she used to at the Lauenstein, and look for anything that needed mending. Perhaps that would keep her occupied until lunch time. Then she’d have the guests for company. And after lunch Ernst would bring her the newspaper to read. Then maybe she would find out what was making her so agitated.

She settled herself down near the window so she had the right light. After a short rummage through one of the baskets she c...

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