Ch. 5: The Lovely Mansion
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It was a beautiful spring day, but Alex took no notice of it as he drove to his job at the Lovely Historical Society. His mind was plagued by the thought of Faith and Lance sharing a cozy little chat at the Lovely Diner.

The image of Faith smiling up at Lance felt as if it was seared on Alex’s soul. Alex had meant for today to be special, and now Lance had ruined everything. Lance was nothing more than an interloper. The Lovely Diner was their special place.

As he sat at a red light, imagining all of the unpleasant things he would like to do to Lance, he was jolted out of his reverie by the sound of his phone ringing. Alex peered down at the screen and saw that it was his friend, Peter Sullivan.

Alex accepted the call and switched his phone to hands free mode so...

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