Chasing Scales: Book One of the Dragon Hollow Series: Chapter One (2)
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...What the blacksmith was staring at was just a dark dot on the horizon, hundreds of meters away.  But it was growing in size, as it soared closer and closer.

         “Go on, get out, you’re seein’ things again,” another customer chimed in incredulously.  She was a large, fleshy woman.  Her tunic was stained with the juice of cherries from her job in the Ornery Orchards.  All at once she got very still as she gaped at the tops of spruce trees swaying in the distant river-winds.  “Crikey, look at that, it’s a blinkin’ Elder…”

         About five hundred meters away, the dragon approached, soaring below the clouds.  At this distance, the creature...

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Table of Contents

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