feat nonetheless, as such normally sheathed 'things' being around you ultimately kind of tempts any curious type person into seemingly chancing a direct look.

I suppose it bears some striking similarity to when you find yourself driving past blood and body parts strewn across highway asphalt from a recent school bus accident... Except- well maybe not. 'Cause it's male genitals and you really don't 'want' to look, where as with child body parts, blood and [tattered] civics books that come with bus wrecks you more than kinda do, on account of how grisly such a thing is and we just so happen to be driving by at a slow rate of speed on account of its impeding a commute to work we never include extra time for on the off chance such a thing were to occur, because we want to squeeze in every extra minute of sleep and time in the shower as we can, and there are just so many shows we have the ability to watch into the pre-dawn hours of the morning and our jobs aren't really that important anyway, and why are there school buses anymore anyway if kids could just stay home and do their lessons via the internet? I got my four year degree at home. You mean to tell me they can't learn the function of a Proper Noun the drawbacks of run on sentences and the conflicting specifics of the JFK assassination from Wikipedia?

Anyway, as far as showering in the military was 

concerned, at least when I was enlisted, you don't look, regardless desire. As there's just this common sense assumption you'll be perceived as homosexual if you do, and really… what’s to be gained from looking besides some arbitrary knowledge?

Now should you dare chance a look, who really knows what would happen. I know I don't, as I didn't, and hence never found out. I do imagine, however, it wouldn't be the sort of situation meriting an emboldening, fully accepting slap on the back... or ass; the ass probably being more aptly applicable in said situational moments of perceived homosexual identification and admission; inadvertent or otherwise, though it would seem to explain similarly televised moments from football locker rooms that seem so awkward to those of us watching from what moments prior had been a comfortable place in our home.

Although as far as weird experiences around other men's junk goes, I also remember during basic training, there was this guy with a huge rash that went from his right inner thigh, down to just above his knee, and before [the] hygiene inspection that came after our showers (perhaps proper shower decorum was why no one noticed it before) he asked myself and several others our opinion as to what he should do. To which I promptly grabbed a can of athlete’s foot spray, for lack of jock itch spray, from the

Scribe's desk and told him to ‘get to spraying.’ To which he asked if it was gonna sting, and I replied something to the likes of, "Well, from the looks of its smile and fully functional gastrointestinal tract, it isn't going to tickle."

Hmm... I don't remember exactly where I was going with that sidebar... Maybe just that we were all standing around staring at his junk area and it was just this quasi normal thing- as normal as fully birthed- flesh consuming rash on a man's inner thigh goes anyhow.

Point is, had his member been out, even though it was ‘basically’ in the vicinity of the object in question, the situation probably would have been quite different; hidden homosexuality / blatantly advertised heterosexuality or otherwise.

Have you had to bear witness to any cumbersome, cascading and inflamed rashes on any inner thighs since your confinement?

And yes the spray worked. in case you were wondering. It burns with a feeling worse than the licking [of] fire but- No It wasn't me with the giant inner thigh rash that was seemingly the thickness of my forearm in width, but I have had them and remedied them, I am proud to say.

Tinactin brand sprays have my glowing, ailment free endorsement as a result, by the way. Albeit I wonder if they don't get your skin addicted to the burn and need for

it the same way Carmex brand, cocoa butter balms do with lip skin. I bet it’s the 0.7% [of] menthol. I know it says it’s for 'Anti-Itch' purposes but... that or the lanolin. Oil from the wool of the lamb to moisten 'my' skin. How about the Lily of the Valley while you're at it? I don't care how nice it feels.

Something's up...

And I’m not just writing about my veiled Jesus jokes.

Anyway, thinking back on why someone would ask about showering with other people, the question itself is pretty interesting, since, believe it or not, it was actually one of my foremost concerns going into basic training. The same with having to urinate into a cup with someone watching to ensure it was coming direct from the source; a job known for its 'sanctioned' cock gazing. So, lord knows the subject had certainly been a curiosity in my mind through the years; existing as what I imagine was an old holdover of concern from my gym class days in middle school and high school I suppose; as I was never part of a sports team and never once wanted to be the ONLY person to take a shower in the school locker room after a gym class. I had [also] always left my suit on in the showers at the public pool and athletic club, regardless the lack of shame displayed by the older, albeit not necessarily wiser men, based on their lack of utilizing shower shoes.

Don't they know there are scores of rash bac

teria living on and between shower tiles, just waiting for bare feet to pass so they can gain access to and hunker down in and around cavities where there is sensitive inner thigh meat?

Who knows, maybe it was their 'lack' of shame that actually scared into me my own. Which, sidebar, makes me, wonder if there is such a plastic medical procedure as scrotal tucking. You know, like vaginal rejuvenation, but for male geriatrics.

And- after a quick internet search it would seem a scrotum reduction / lift does exist. Albeit it seems to come under a certain amount of ridicule, until I find one site where the procedure seems to be finding popularity, e.g.:

The 'Salon.com' headlining link:
"Ball ironing:" Hot, new trend in 'scrotum rejuvenation'

'Cause really, with words like 'ironing' and 'hot' how don't you coax a sale on a procedure of such a sensitive nature?

I don't know how serious I can take this. It's not an area of the male anatomy I'd want so much as a sunburn on, myself.

The ego being the other.

Haircuts are alright though, I find…

Fast forwarding the tick back to the moment before I even had the chance to really think of, let alone utter a reply to this guy's inquiry into how I felt about being around penises, to which I believe I would have answered something along the lines of "I was fine;" on account of all the people standing there and not wanting to come off as a prude, though why on earth would I be

'fine' around a bunch of penises, regardless my having been in communal showers? It's not like I work in a sausage factory. I'm also not a doctor (not that doctors are necessarily cool with it either. I don't care if I'd officially inspected over a thousand testicles and prostate glands to certified multi-point vehicle service specifications, it doesn't make it any less awkward to be around those parts of another individual's body... Or maybe they are [kosher dog] with it, how would I know? I'm not a doctor, as was previously written).

Anyway, before I can even think to answer in either the positive or negative regarding said 'awkward' inquiry this guy quite literally whips out his quite moderately, above average sized... flaccid member from what you would have thought must have been sweat pants as fast as he was able to... bequeath his majesty, but I know they weren't, so he must have just been 'that' practiced at the action and in presentation to strangers, as he most prominently displayed for those of us in attendance all of 'him-self' along with a pristine example of what I soon learned was called a Prince Albert piercing.

[Mushroom Art]

Thinking back on it, I don't know what was more impressive, his complete lack of shame and immediate resolve to show off his... natural endowment, or the fact he went through with having a shaft of quite sizably diametered surgical steel looped through the base of his... 'Portabella' dome, for lack of a better term, and out the terminus of his urethra.

Continuing on, after questions regarding the plugging of pierce sites for urination and general cleanliness were addressed; answers I have apparently since repressed, possibly attributed to his still holding 'it' in his hand, like the body of a frog being poked and prodded before a biology class dissection. The worst part of the whole thing was, I was utterly transfixed by the sight of what may as well have been a wryly grinning, Don Johnson circa his, golden tan, 'rolled up blazer sleeves,' Miami vice days. Though detective Crockett probably would have needed to have a... predominate piercing of some sort in his lip or nose to completely fit the analogy; the rolled up blazer sleeves representing the dude's lack of a foreskin in the example, incase that was not an overtly clear... 'unconcealed' fact, to purposefully utilize a pun.

As a matter of fact, thinking back on it now, I can't even be completely sure he didn't put it away directly after everyone got a glimpse. The absolute shock generated by the image of him mollycoddling the metal clad oddity; probably being burned into my neurons until after dementia sets in, obviously taking the majority of my focus away.

Needless to say, never before had I seen such modification or purposeful adornment. Which is quite tame considering the slippery slope of... ‘Unit’ mods I've heard of and henceforth come across on the Internet; viewed solely for the purposes of research, I assure you.

[Mushroom Art]

Then again, I don't really know what to think about the whole thing, but if I'm being honest, I hope the guy was able to gravitate towards like- a career in marketing or propaganda. With his [flair] for shock and awe outside of being a Marilyn Mason type performer or the like, he just might be missing out on a natural calling.

Who knows, maybe I'm giving him [too] much credit. I suppose just about anyone could pull their dick out, it's just... well, the ingrained instinct of 'Knowing your crowd,' that is the most important, I suppose.

'Cause he certainly didn't necessarily offend anyone more than bewildered us by a variable list of wonderments, nor did he actually wait for an answer to the primary quandary he initially floated out on that patio.

[Kosher Dog]

In regards to showers though, to venture back and explore a topic of interest for the both of us, one cultural oddity that gets me thinking about the overly simple things in life and the various ways we as humans find of doing them, I noticed in the basic training showers; and maybe you can attest to the phenomena, was the penchant of the African American recruits to not only [utilize] a wash rag with the soap; as opposed to just using the bar on the skin directly, but to also shut off the water and go to the extra effort of getting up a 'full' body lather before the rinse. Actually I take that back, I don't want to make it sound like everyone was universally the same, while the memory does fade, that just wouldn't be right. But what I do know to be true, like the type of piercing at the apex of that guy's prick, is that while most of the guys did use the cloth and get a full fledge lather going, there was 'one' guy that really stood out as he really 'dug deep'

for that 'full froth' when working up that damn lather. So much so, several of the other guys would give him a fair amount of ribbing about how much lather he would... gather; even though 'generate' is probably a better realized word.
(But if I'm being honest [yet again] I don't actually remember the joke that caused the laughter to erupt, specifically in regards to how 'sudsed' up he got, 'Gather' just rhymed with lather and... Well, I couldn't pass up including that little nugget in the letter, now could I?)

But obviously, race relations being what they are between folks, conversations like this probably not helping fill the chasm, you weren't about to hear a white guy like me; already out of my comfort zone in a shower full of dudes, mention what to a lot of us was also an oddity, or even join in laughing at the observation, even though all of us were commingled together, each in possession of our own, individual wash methods, to say: none of our methods really any weirder than the other-

Just different.

('Suds' Mackenzie pretty much looking like the Ghostbusters after Stay Puft erupted all over them notwithstanding, in his quest to smother all his two thousand parts.)

Here's some equality irony for you: You couldn't tell which of the Ghostbusters was Ernie Hudson under all that melted, foamy sugar.

[It’s relatively easy to make something ‘Gourmet’]


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feat nonetheless, as such normally sheathed 'things' being around you ultimately kind of tempts any curious type person into seemingly chancing a direct look.

I suppose it bears some striking similarity to when you find yourself driving past blood and body parts strewn across highway asphalt from a recent school bus accident... Except- well maybe not. 'Cause it's male genitals and you really don't 'want' to look, where as with child body parts, blood and [tattered] civics books that come with bus wrecks you more than kinda do, on account of how grisly such a thing is and we just so happen to be driving by at a slow rate of speed on account of its impeding a c...

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