Bianca's First Letter
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Hello, my name is Bianca Farrah,

I going to start this by acknowledging this may seem like a weird request; I feel a little weird even trying this, but I am currently on the 'quintessential hunt' for a pen pal. Not to overstate the obvious, but I am currently serving time in a woman's prison in Virginia, if the envelope wasn't obvious of said fact. So, if i haven't already scared you away I wanted to say, I recently came across your company's magazine and noticing you are located in the Pacific Northwest, I thought I would take a chance on getting back a response. 

I'm originally from Eugene and miss it terribly. 

(I also figured finding a man that works at a Hot Rod company and is willing to write me might not be the risky proposition with my limited stamps, paper and envelopes that writing some of the other magazines here might.)

Before I found your catalog I was actually thinking of contacting a Quilting supply catalog. Thats how slim the pickings are. But upon spotting your catalog in a different pile, I figured fellahs at a Hot Rod shop would be more fun to write. I like the idea of corresponding with men that work with their hands, not grandmothers that make coasters or flimsy men that might get intimidated with something like... installing a new exhaust. ;)

(Also, Needles are categorized as contraband here, so why they tempt the quilters among us with the patterns and types of yarn included in that catalog baffles what's left of the mind I'm convinced they are trying to take from me.)

...Too dark?

Who knows, maybe its possible to knit with modified plastic spoons or toothbrushes.

As for the lady or ladies this may find,

I don't mean for it to seem like I have anything against having you as a pen pal, it's just, there are already plenty of women within the reach of a baton swing to talk to, so I suppose the idea of trading letters with one isnt quite as appealing as a guy. Kind of like that famous metaphor about Idahoans not being in the market for potatoes or sapphires when they can just go dig them up in their backyard, I suppose; if I were to put it in more 'stately' terms.

Anyway, I have included one of the few pictures I have of myself, so you can see I'm not some crazy nut job or old, toothless, bag lady without her cats... or her bags, for that matter; at least not yet.

So, if you or anyone there; woman or man, (I give in) finds it in their heart or of their interest to write back, I certainly look forward to hearing from you. If that isn't the case I completely understand. People are busy these days and women in prison are probably assumed to be too butch or scary to trade words with. But with that said, I have one favor to ask, and that is if you could please find it in your heart to return my picture if no one is interested in writing. The picture is one of the few I have left and I would really like to be able to forward it on to other potential pen pals if no one there is interested in writing. You never know, maybe a body builder or biker magazine will find its way to the pile or between my bars... And as the lord

and my cell mate, and the parole board all know: I want to be prepared, ;)

Thank you, Hope you are enjoying your freedom. Can't wait to have mine.




P.S. Does your company send out any free stickers?

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