Hello Bianca

Of all your letters thus far, I still haven't really gotten a read on how 'New Agey' you may or may not be. From an outsider’s perspective, I can imagine how particularly horrible prison must be for ‘New Agers.’ To not have their gemstones or bound sage clumps; pentagrams or incense; crystals or tarot cards. Or their tie dyed hemp sweaters or pick-up sticks-

Pick-upsticks are  ‘New Age,’ right?

I don't know how 'new age' I necessarily am, but I am open to the grander schemes of the ideas- or I at least like to entertain them anyhow.

I'm not really into the ‘New Agey’ ‘people’ though, they're like- generally so positive it's creepy... Maybe 'false,' is a better word. It's as if they'll believe anything and everything is based on vibration and spectrum color-which… I guess is a sort of vibration also- light waves and frequencies and so forth. So, based on electromagnetic radiation alone and that which I can’t see but am able to experience, via microwaves, radio, sunburn… Pepto Bismol , I have to keep my mind open to it- them.

But the positivity still kills me.

For instance, you go into a gem shop and all you hear is:

"Oh, that double terminating quartz and rough peridot did wonders for the angst clouding my heart chakra;" or

"Oh, that sage smudge did wonders for the negative energy in my bonus room;" or "Oh, I like to charge my yoga mat and geodes as I dance with the devil in the pale moon light.”

Like- Get the hell out here. You are way too invested in this stuff.

Overly so.

In comparison it’s about on par with me coming out of a Catholic church and declaring the power of Christ and healing power of the Holy Spirit to the world. Not that I particularly care what people might be professing on church steps if it's right before -not after- crossing the street for coffee and donuts, since I really don’t listen or give a care about anything when my blood sugar has been sapped from the ‘good word.’

I suppose I’m just so confused at people’s lack of shame for their beliefs, or how it’s all for the sake of benefiting their feelings and egos.

For example I can’t say I’ve met anyone that believes in the reality of auras that doesn’t also believe they are an Indigo child.

How about a little humility, folks?

Of course Indigo is the aura color everyone entertaining the thought of aura colors is going to want to have.

All the other aura’s are garbage in comparison.

Like- who wants to have the ‘Shit-Brown Ochre’ aura? Regardless whatever benefits it might have or embolden, it’s not Indigo, it’s ‘Shit-Brown Ochre.’

You might as well want to be likened to a Construction worker or Accountant; forgetting the fact those particular, productive and necessary facets of society are the exact people probably not giving much of a care about what aura even are, let alone what colors theirs might be.

Who knows, maybe if people so geared towards being Indigos read the idea that autistics are all thought to be [Indigos] it might stave off the desire to be considered as such... or better yet, it might explain some things and enable them to get the help they otherwise didn't know they actually need.

Anyway, it's just a theory I read, so that's all pretty much conjecture on my part...

I don't know if you knew, but determining Aura color is also accomplished by means of self reflection and mediation. or 'a medium' that can see them. It's not exactly scientific or very official as conceived by the standards of the western mind.

It all just smacks of placebo effect if you ask me.  

All of this to say, I suppose I’m just of the mind people should keep their juju to a minimum, even if they are in the presence of people equally steeped and brainwashed in and by the same lore and mysticism.

Perhaps it's all because I'm coming from six years in the Marine Corps. if I'm not around masochism and a general air of discontent I'm not happy- Though I'm not too happy when I'm discontent either.

Catch 22, I suppose.

That's irony.

That having been written, it's pretty cool New Agers seem to be receptive to people having their own individual beliefs. But it leads me to also wonder if that means they [tolerate] or are receptive to another person's belief hinging on the questioning of their own. 

An open attitude like that is not unlike prison in that regard I suppose, where you can believe what you want as long as you don’t have talismans that could puncture organs or obstruct airways. Though I wonder how prisons feel about kamikaze Shinto's. From what I recall having heard, that's like- a federally barred religion thanks to the whole Imperial Japan like- bombing Pearl and getting the U.S. to enter the war. In reality, it probably all comes down to

whether or not a prison is privavly owned or federally regulated, as to whether or not they'll allow the Kamikaze Shintoism to be practiced.

I wonder if that religion requires its parishioners to rise with the sun. It seems like there might be a connection, on account of I don't think Japan is known as 'The land of the rising sun,' any longer, nor do I think Kamikaze Shintoism is as [prevalent] as it was before after the war. 

If you are a New Age, you should totally try asking if you could assemble a Rainbow Gathering, like- out in the yard. As accepting of all religions as I’ve previously establish I assume [prisons] are supposed to be –federally barring those Kamikaze Shintos- I would think it would be okay.

Although, I could see how they wouldn’t want everyone getting together into a mob. But even if all the further they'd let you gather said rainbows was within the confines of your own cells... to be celebrated by yourselves, it would still be quite the definition of a hive mentality, especially if everyone decided to each channel or outright state they were initiating their rainbow gathered intentions.

I can see it now, it would be known as the first official 'Sit in' Rainbow gathering.

Or ‘Prison,’ for short. At least in your particular case.

Maybe I would be more receptive to buying in on the ‘New Age’ if folks would just calm down the hyper positivity and keep as much of it as they can to themselves.

Though maybe they can’t on account of the power of the New Age.

So destructive is the struggle of New Agers to try and show restraint.

I know I dig the music. As long as the Syths are too over embellished, anyway

Seriously though, there is a lot to be said for just 'doing less.' Even the power of Oxi Clean brand cleaner and detergent gets on my nerves as boisterous as Billy Mays got about it. Like- did he 'really' have to infuse 'that' much emphasis on the product? I mean I still see his beard and hear him proclaiming his name whenever I see a tub of it- and that was a product I could actually see powering through chocolate syrup and wine stains on the table doily whirlpooling around in that gigantic, cloudy fishbowl.

(Even though I never once witnessed that same sudden cloud burst of white 'Oxi-Power' enveloping the cyclone when dropped in my own giant fishbowl.)

I guess what I am trying to write is, you don’t need the crazy attitude or personality for something if there is evidence of it working. i.e. I don't need faith in the power of the Oxi Clean brand detergent and cleaner when I have a certain amount of empirical knowledge in its ability to get chocolate syrup and wine stains out of my table doilies.

Can you imagine a religion forming around a paid program cleaner/detergent? That might actually be a pretty cool world to live in, but talk about going a little too far in ‘drinking the Kool Aid brand beverage mix’-although it was actually 'Flav-o-r Aid' brand drink mix-Grape specifically-that was poisoned and consumed by the people in Jonestown; so Kool-Aid really got the shit end of that particular (association with) 'cult suicide' colored pick-up stick.

Not that it's really all that conceivable-but if it were- the only real problem I see in Oxi Clean brand detergent and cleaner garnering any real kind of a cult-like religious following is the fact that even the god like power Billy ascribed it couldn't stave off the permanent stain of his own death.

(Though it is a harsh bit of irony it was a white powder-albeit of a different function and theological model- that ‘May’ have helped push his heart towards ultimate failure. Oxi Clean brand detergent and cleaner cleanse his soul.)

As far as the new age goes though, It doesn't seem to matter how much I want to feel the vibrations off the stones and the like, they're still just a bunch of rocks. And having them around only really seems to equate to feelings I want to get from the stones and powers they are ‘supposed’ employ; as outlined in books, by superstition, television and through old wives tales.
Moonstone for instance is supposed to help with menstrual pains.
Just so you know.
You’re welcome.

Regardless my doubt and lack of feeling direct New Age... magic, I still hold out a little hope. And if I were asked, I’d probably suppose I most identified with and tried to keep clear my Red chakra- or 'root' charka, if you please; though I like to call it the 'fundament' chakra, ‘cause it’s… found in your foundation. But my joke is, for lack of a place to ‘wear’ a gem that compliments it, you have to... 'insert' one instead. Right to the fundament if you will.
Perhaps you're familiar... being in prison and all.

Though that's not why it's my favorite Chakra. Mostly I just like the word 'Fundament,' but as everyone should know, the most important part of a building is its foundation...

It's depth half of the overall height, I want to say.
you may want to check that first if you decide to build anything, an engineer I am not.

In regards to the crux of my writing, I bring up the New Age for a reason. Have you ever heard of astro projection? The idea is that you generate an out of body experience through like- what I guess is a deep meditation and skirting of your corporeal body.
Your body is asleep but your mind stays conscious.

For a long time I've thought the idea was wildly interesting, as I've heard you can project your spirit or essence like- anywhere on earth, even above it!

Then for a little while there- there was even this one girl-there’s always a girl involved, right?-I was hanging out with that was like- 'real' New Age; she has the little mustache tattoo on the inside of her finger-so she can put her finger up to her lip for pictures- has the waxing and waning stages of the moon tattooed on her inner bicep; she's even a yoga instructor and married. (Maybe just take my word she's New Age, she sounds more hipster now that I've outlined it-specifically that mustache tattoo on the inside of her finger.)

Anyway, after I found out she didn't swing and I didn't have to worry about our relationship going to a next level-something I was worried about at the time, or excited about-maybe both- I don’t remember- You know, maybe she just wanted to spice things up for herself instead of 'just' having a friendship coupled with an inattentive husband...

...‘Anyway’ that not being what it was or what would occur we instead ended up discussing how cool it would be to try and meet on the Astro plane, as adults interested –but not necessarily practicing- in the New Age naturally do.

So, I suppose you could say she was trying to take our friendship to a ‘different' level instead of the 'next' one- or maybe even perhaps ‘plane’ instead of  ‘level.’

Long story short, it basically turned into a different way of saying good night when we chatted, e.g.: "See you out on the Astro Plane." Now, had we ever been able to meet out there-on the Astro Plane- it's not as if I would have even really known what it was we could have done out there. I don't even know where to take a woman out in the corporeal 

world, let alone what you do or where you can go with someone else's essence-a married 'friend's' essence-out in the -actual figurative- land of aether and pixie dust.

Hold Astro-Projected-Figment-Hands??


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Hello Bianca

Of all your letters thus far, I still haven't really gotten a read on how 'New Agey' you may or may not be. From an outsider’s perspective, I can imagine how particularly horrible prison must be for ‘New Agers.’ To not have their gemstones or bound sage clumps; pentagrams or incense; crystals or tarot cards. Or their tie dyed hemp sweaters or pick-up sticks-

Pick-upsticks are  ‘New Age,’ right?

I don't know how 'new age' I necessarily am, but I am open to the grander schemes of the ideas- or I at least like to entertain them anyhow.

I'm not really into the ‘New Agey’ ‘people’ though,...

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