Brian's Seventh letter to Bianca (The Astro-Projection letter.) (1)
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Hello Bianca

Of all your letters thus far, I still haven't really gotten a read on how 'New Agey' you may or may not be. From an outsider’s perspective, I can imagine how particularly horrible prison must be for ‘New Agers.’ To not have their gemstones or bound sage clumps; pentagrams or incense; crystals or tarot cards. Or their tie dyed hemp sweaters or pick-up sticks-

Pick-upsticks are  ‘New Age,’ right?

I don't know how 'new age' I necessarily am, but I am open to the grander schemes of the ideas- or I at least like to entertain them anyhow.

I'm not really into the ‘New Agey’ ‘people’ though,...

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