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            The soft, flowing sound of a violin solo blew around the room touching everything with its beautiful notes. Evelina adored listening to instrumental music while she worked at her paintings, the violin and piano were her favorite instruments. She felt they had such heart to them, and beautiful souls that could breeze out and flow though everyone who listened to them play.

            Sometimes she would get swept up in the music during particularly striking parts of the songs. When this happened, Evelina would close her eyes, tilt her head back letting her golden curls dangle, and take in every note, allowing them course through her as if for a moment she could be part of the magic. She tried her best not to do this too often, lest she never finish painting. Usually she liked to start painting sessions this way, one good powerful song to inspire and motivate her through the next few hours.

            That day as she added titanium white with a hint of sparkle to the mountain tops, a song came on that stopped her delicate, paint splattered hand mid-stroke. A perfect song which sounded like a breeze of snowflakes dancing through the air. She paused a moment to take it in, feeling it was perfect for that part of the painting. For a minute she let the notes fill her up, then she picked up the remote for her stereo and skipped back to the beginning of the song so it could play through again while she finished painting the snow.

            She found it hard to stop herself from getting too swept up in the song even the second time around. Evelina had noticed there were some pieces of music simply too good to not fully embrace. She managed to stay in control though and used the energy to guide her hand to paint perfect wisps of snow. A bright cap for the mountains and a light shimmer for the deep forest green pines standing nearby.

            By the end of the second run of the song the painting was complete and she signed the bottom right corner with a quick flourish of violet paint. She then switched the stereo to music with words to play as she cleaned up her studio.

            As most people tend to do, Evelina began absentmindedly singing along with the songs as she tucked away her paints and brushes, washed her hands, and pulled the blinds on the windows down. She had a soft and lovely voice which she rarely shared with any audience. She picked up her jacket and purse, left, and locked the door while feeling very pleased with her work for the day. The Cincinnati weather had grown fairly warm over the course of the day so she didn’t need to put her jacket back on. The studio wasn’t far from her apartment, only a few blocks, and Evelina liked to take the time walking back and forth to switch in or out of the painting mindset.

            Felix greeted her as she opened the door like he usually did, his tiny white paw stretched up towards her.

            “Aww, did you miss me? I bet you’re hungry.” Evelina said, while she bent down to scoop the tiny black and white kitty up.

            He meowed, then purred and snuggled his face against hers as she carried him into the kitchen. Without needing to set him down, she grabbed a cup of food from the pantry and bent over to fill his little blue bowl. She set him in front of the bowl and he quickly gobbled up the little bits of food while Evelina refilled his water dish.

            For herself, she popped open a can of tomato soup and began heating it in a pan on the stove. While she liked to keep her food somewhat simplistic most of the time, she did enjoy spicing up a plain can of soup and making it a bit more special. She would add dried basil, some garlic and onion powder, some fresh ground black pepper, and once it was ladled out into a bowl it was topped off with grated parmesan cheese. She sliced off a couple pieces from the ciabatta loaf she’d bought at the Farmers Market the previous day and toasted them up. Then she grabbed a lemon slice from the container in the fridge, squeezed and dropped it into a glass of water. After plating everything up, she went into the little breakfast nook to eat.

            Evelina enjoyed eating her dinners in mostly silence, no music or television playing, it allowed her to fully come down from her artistic high and reflect on the work she’d done that day. The windows in the breakfast nook overlooked the street outside which allowed for watching people making their way home. Evelina didn’t usually like to paint people but on the rare occasions she would be inspired to. If she saw a little girl who was skipping along the sidewalk happily with a shiny purple balloon or a boy trying to coax his dog to follow him home. The pure and beautiful moments of happiness or innocence.

            Evelina liked to focus on brighter subjects, feeling darkness could already be found in enough places. She had an upcoming showcase exhibit at a gallery downtown with the theme of sunshine. She had made four of her five pieces, all studies of brightness, colors, and the way sun rays reflected on surfaces like windows and water. Inspiration had not come just yet for the final piece and she was running low on time. If she didn’t manage to paint the fifth painting within the next couple days it wouldn’t be ready in time for the show that weekend and she wouldn’t make her full commission without all five.

            With this thought as motivation, Evelina decided to go for a walk after dinner, in the hopes of something catching her eye. The weather was nice, a good warm spring day with just a few clouds in the sky and conditions looked promising for a beautiful sunset. After biking over to Ault Park and locking her bike up, Evelina set off on the trail she knew would give her a nice sunset view. She walked to the waterfall fountain which was flowing nicely and glittering in the light. She climbed up the stairs that outlined it to the landing at the top in front of the arches where you could see a majority of the park stretched out around you.

            Many sounds danced through the air, the cascading water, several bird songs, a breeze through the trees, and a faint, beautiful voice of someone singing nearby. Evelina couldn’t make out the song but the notes were pretty and it added something special to the whole scene. When leaning over the edge, the waterfall looked like a glittering staircase, the water making its journey over each descending platform only to cycle through to

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